Penn State Football Game Day As Told by FRIENDS

Since the day we’ve moved in, there’s one thing all Penn Staters have been looking forward to: game day. Last Saturday’s away game gave us a bit of taste of what it’s like to have football back in our life, but this Saturday, we get the full experience — finally. With every Penn State home football game comes so many emotions. Allow FRIENDS to give the perfect description of a typical game day in Happy Valley.

1. Waking up earlier than you would for class.


2. When you try to cut your t-shirt to make it look cute but it doesn’t work as expected.


3. When all your friends start showing up to the tailgate.


4. When you make an attempt to flirt with someone and all your friends are watching.


5. When things at the tailgate start to get a bit, well, dry.


6. When you see Hackenberg in uniform.


7. If we start to lose.


8.  When your friend tries to take a chicken tender from your basket.


9. When you hear the beginning notes of “Sweet Caroline”.


10. When we score a touchdown and you’re going to be the girl thrown in the air.



11. When your friend (who lives much closer to Beaver Stadium than you) tells you that you can crash at her place after the game.


12. When you look in the mirror and realize you forgot to put on sunscreen.


13. When you realize you have to wait a whole week (or maybe more!) until you can do it all again.



We are so excited that football season is officially back. Valley hopes you have an amazing first game day tomorrow! We Are.