Penn State Dining to Support THON With Free Pizza and Cocoa

This weekend, Penn State Residential Dining will be showing their support for THON by giving hot chocolate to attendees and free pizza to dancers. Is there anything better than THON and free food? We didn’t think so either.

Penn State Residential Dining will be showing their appreciation for all of the student-volunteers who take part in the fight against pediatric cancer by hosting a hot chocolate giveaway this Friday in front of the All-Sports Museum on Friday Feb. 19 from 1-4 p.m. This delicious, free hot chocolate will keep you warm as your anxiety and excitement heightens while waiting to enter the BJC.

That’s not all Penn State Residential Dining is doing to show their support for THON. At some point during the weekend, they will be donating 175 pizzas to give to the 708 dancers that will be on the floor all weekend long. If there’s anything that could keep us going for 46 hours, it’s pizza.

Be sure to stop by the hot chocolate giveaway on Friday and if you see any of the Residential Dining employees in their blue t-shirts that say “We Support THON”this weekend, say ‘thank you’! They’re helping everyone keep their spirits up (free food = great motivator) during this great weekend.