Our Favorite Workouts Spots in State College

Working out is beyond important in college. With the crazy schedules that we have, it is often difficult to eat as well as we should or to even fit exercise in. But working out helps us maintain not only healthy bodies, but healthy minds and Valley is here to help you stay on top of your health this year. Where, though, should we workout on and off campus?

Penn State’s newest recreation center is the IM Building, located between East Halls and Beaver Stadium on Curtain Road. There are machines, mats, free weights and an indoor track upstairs, along with many large courts downstairs for team games. There are also rooms for specific workout classes, which are usually given on a weekly or biweekly basis. The facility is modern and comfortable, proving why so many students go nearly all the way to the BJC  just to exercise.

Another popular gym is the conveniently located White Building adjacent to the HUB and across from both Pollock and South Halls. While it is not as new as the IM Building, it also offers many classes and has all of the necessary equipment and space that a typical student needs.

The schedule of available on campus workout classes:


Descriptions of the on campus workout classes:


How to purchase a Penn State Fitness Membership:


There are also spots downtown that provide specific types of classes, such as yoga and kickboxing. Lila Yoga Studios and The PYP Studio both offer personalized, spiritual yoga classes for those who are interested in simultaneously strengthening their body and mind. Momentum Fitness offers group kickboxing classes for those who prefer a very active and fast paced workout. Lastly, LionHeart Fitness is a great gym option for those who live off campus. Each of their locations and websites can be found below!

Whatever form of exercise you prefer, it is important to stay active and make working out a consistent part of your life, for your physical and mental health. All of the serious reasons aside, however, it is also important to change up your workout regime to ensure that you are actually enjoying what you are doing.

Lila Yoga Studios, located at 103 East Beaver Ave #6


The PYP Studio – Power Your Possibilities, located at 1748 South Atherton St


Momentum Fitness, located at 114 Heister Street


LionHeart Fitness & Tanning, located at 127 Sowers Street


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