NYFW: Polar Vortex Edition

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, we can all take a moment to appreciate all of the exceptional street style looks from the fashion industries’ best dressed. This year, there was one obstacle that made dressing stylishly more of a challenge than usual, the polar vortex weather. However, the freezing temperatures and tremendous amounts of snow did not stop these fashionistas from looking their best.

New York Fashion Week 2014 brought about many inspiring ways to take on the cold while continuing to be on trend. Taking a look back at the week, here are some of the top street style trends sported at NYFW.

nyfw-street-style-2-3_105445543647Photo credit: Vogue

1. It’s all about the layering. To perfect the art of layering, start with a simple tee and expand from there. Try throwing a lightweight cardigan over the tee, adding a simple jacket over that and finishing off the look with a long wool coat, as pictured below. Mixing prints and patterns adds a little extra flare as well.

nyfw-street-style-2-11_105433960416Photo credit: Vogue

2. (Faux) Fur is a must. It’s all about finding the right faux fur jacket. And with the right outfit, it can certainly be a great winter statement piece.

nyfw-street-style-9_101632413042Photo credit: Vogue

3. Wool coats in every color. Light pink coats have been spotted all over NYFW, making it the “it” color for winter. Although light pink and other vibrantly colored wool coats might be on trend at the moment, if choosing to invest in a quality wool coat, we would recommend more neutral colors – camel is always a safe choice.

nyfw-street-style-day-1-03_095659990865Photo credit: Vogue

4. Voluminous scarves: Winter’s best accessory. Personally, this is my favorite trend from NYFW. A warm wool scarf can completely transform an outfit and keep you incredibly warm as well. When the wind in the city is unbearable, these scarves are perfect for covering up your neck and face to help block out the wind, while looking ever so stylish too.

slide_337307_3421205_freePhoto credit: Huffington Post

And then there were those who chose to completely ignore the polar vortex conditions…

5. Showing some skin. The only warm article of clothing she’s got going for her is that wool coat; she’s definitely braving the cold to say the least. We wouldn’t recommend this “trend” to anyone.


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