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AudreyCillo.FitnessAppsThe gym and us girls have a love-hate relationship. For many of us, going to the gym means routine. We hit the elliptical for 20 minutes and then pump some 10 lbs. of iron until our arms feel sore. We do this maybe three times a week, all to convince ourselves that the tub of Ben and Jerry’s in the fridge is justified by the 35 minutes spent at the White Building.

I enjoy working out, but if I don’t switch up my routine it starts to feel like a chore,” says freshman Lindsey Hummel. “I’m less motivated to go to the gym.”

But what if it didn’t have to be so tedious? Consider these great, free fitness apps that are guaranteed to switch up your routine and raise your standard of a good workout. Put down that Ben and Jerry’s, ladies. It’s all about perspective.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (My Fitness Pal)

Lacking motivation? Try an app that literally tells you that you need to go to the gym. Using this app, you can track of your daily caloric intake in fast and simple way. With that information, My Fitness Pal will tell you approximately how much time you need to spend at the gym in order to maintain, or lose, weight.


Say goodbye to fussing with your iPod during your workout. TrailMix eliminates the distraction of switching songs mid-run by adjusting the tempo of your music. The result is music that falls perfectly in-sync with your steps. This not only helps you keep a consistent pace, but also a consistent playlist.

Nike Training Club

Customize your workout with this fab app from Nike. Nike Training Club serves as a personal trainer in your pocket. Choose from a variety of different routes to focus your workout, such as strength, weight-loss, toning and specifics. The app allows you to set goals for yourself and gain rewards based on your guaranteed progress.

Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solutions

Bring the famous fitness guru to the gym with you with her Slim-Down Solutions app. The app contains workout videos from Jillian Michaels that you can do in the gym, or in the privacy of your own room. You can also take fitness out of the gym and into the kitchen with the app’s exclusive recipes.


If the best things in life are left unseen…then this app shouldn’t exist. Fitbit translates every aspect of your life into readable data that helps you to visualize your ideal lifestyle. This includes food, weight, sleep, water intake and exercise. With this information, you can pinpoint aspects of your life you wish to improve on in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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