Musing with Manouska: Welcome, Penn State fashionistas!

Through the hustle and bustle of going to classes, meetings and everything else in between, I always find time to appreciate the diverse fashion on our campus. Whether it’s a well-put-together look, rich and vibrant colors or subtle accessories, I’m constantly inspired and thinking of new ways to incorporate the outside world into my own personal style.

So c’mon, Penn State fashion lovers, and “muse” with me! Step into my world and view campus fashion from my perspective. This semester, I’ll be reporting on some of my favorite campus trends, showing you how to create simple do-it-yourself projects, posting street styles I admire and sharing any other visuals that inspire my sartorial sense.

Whether you’re on a runway, in the fashion closet of a major magazine (whoop, whoop! Teen Vogue 2011 summer fashion intern right here!) or a PSU student scurrying from class to class, fashion inspiration is sure to be peeking around every corner. You just have to look!

(Oh, and my name’s pronounced “Ma-nush-ka,” if you were wondering, which I’m sure you probably were.)

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