Musing with Manouska: People watching, style stalking

It’s all in the details when it comes to these three looks. While literally “people watching,” what caught my eye wasn’t necessarily the whole look, but the accessories and the pieces that sold the deal.

Name: Shucong Liu
From: China
Year: Sophomore
Major: Advertising
Style inspiration for this look: Shucong calls this “more of a casual look” paired with heels that aren’t too high so she can navigate through campus. She wanted to keep the color palette on this look simple, adding a pop of color with her scarf. Her adorable Kate Spade bag goes along with what she likes to call her “vintage style” sense.
“Where did you get that?”: Bag, Kate Spade, $250; Scarf, Mom’s; Sweater, Urban Outfitters; Skirt, Abercrombie & Fitch; Shoes and jacket, from China
Manouska’s notes: This is her “casual look” folks. I repeat, “casual.” I say no more and will allow the visual to speak for itself. LOVE!!!

Name: Sultan Alshubi
From: Oman
Year: Freshman
Major: Industrial engineering
Style inspiration for this look: Alshubi, like many of us, is just trying to stay warm in the cold winter weather. Not afraid to add a bit of color, he does this very well with his patterned wool sweater and complementary wool fedora.
“Where did you get that?”: Fedora, Jaded, $30; Sweater, BHS (London), $120; Jeans, Louis Vuitton; Sneakers, Nike
Manouska’s notes: I love men’s sweaters. I also love that Alshubi isn’t afraid to add a bit of color to his look. What really caught my eye were his staple pieces, his watch and ruby-colored ring.

Name: Jacklyn Reid
From: New York
Year: Senior
Major: Communications
Style inspiration for this look: Reid calls this her “plain Jane” look with a “slice of city,” pointing to her oversized H&M bag. She adds that her chain and scarf are the spice to her attire.
“Where did you get that?”: Scarf, Charlotte Russe, $15; Necklace, Forever 21, $15; Sweater, Mom’s; Jeans, H&M; Boots, Steve Madden; Bag, H&M
Manouska’s notes: Can’t stress it enough how adding a few accessories can really jazz up a look. I like that Reid doesn’t let being a “busy college student” negatively affect her look. With this minimalist look, she still finds time to hang a double patterned scarf and antique-inspired whistle around her neck.

Photos by Yuting Zhang

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