Musing with Manouska: Ace your outfit with accessories

Name: Megan Herr
From: Waynesboro, Pa.
Major: Visual communications
Year: Junior

From afar

When I spotted Herr, I was more interested in how she accessorized her skull-printed scarf with her attire. What I didn’t realize from afar were the many other interesting pieces of jewelry she was sporting. Chatting with Herr I learned that her favorite accessory is scarves. She isn’t into buying clothing and jewelry accessible to everyone but with her love for skull-printed things, she couldn’t resist purchasing her scarf from Hot Topic for $12.50, which Herr describes as a special find she “needed.”

Hidden treasures

Lying in the nook of Herr’s scarf, almost hidden from view, was a beautiful Brighton Galadriel Amulet Necklace, $64. Made from Swarovski Crystal and finished in silver, the necklace created a juxtaposition between a charming, fairytale-like pendant and a casual and down-to-earth look.

Wrapping up the loot

Herr’s rings are her statement pieces, which she wears every day. Ranging from her ring from India to (cue “Every kiss begins with Kay) her Kay Jewelers ring that her boyfriend gave to her as a gift. The rings were a nice combination of keeping it simple but definitely making a statement. All Herr’s jewelry pieces were silver-toned, and represented a combination of store-bought purchases, gifts and just randomness (in a very good way, of course) she’s collected along the years.

Photos by Yuting Zhang

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