Missing Richard Simmons

Posted by Mystery Podcast | @missingrichardsimmons

Fitness guru and celebrity Richard Simmons disappeared from the public eye on February 15, 2014. He stopped holding fitness classes, making public appearances and talking to his longtime clients. Simmons is said to be one of Hollywood’s most accessible celebrities.

He was no ordinary celebrity. Known for his tight work out outfits and iconic curly hair,  many don’t know that Richard was an inspiration and mentor to many of his followers. Despite his fame, Simmons continued to host $12 workout classes and befriend his fans. They depended on him. So when he stopped leaving his home in the Hollywood hills, many people were concerned because it was completely out of character.

Dan Taberski, friend and client of Richard Simmons, started a podcast in 2017 called “Missing Richard Simmons” to answer everyone’s questions. Why did Richard leave without telling anyone? Doesn’t he owe something to the people who depend on him so much? Why all of a sudden is he disappearing from the spotlight? Or does he deserve privacy after a life full of publicity?

There are several theories as to why Simmons has stopped participating in public life; including that his housekeeper is holding him hostage, he is transitioning into a woman and that he is very sick.

Taberski reaches out to former clients, friends and family of Simmons to collect stories and find answers. Many, including the New York Times, have criticized Taberski for calling himself a friend of Simmons, but trying to expose and invade his privacy.

Each episode is less than an hour long and there are 6 episodes in total. The final episode is being released this week and is available for free online or through the podcast application on cellphones.

Check out “Missing Richard Simmons” to learn about the life of Simmons and his mysterious and sudden disappearance.