Mid-semester Slack: Three Things You Thought You Would Have Done By Now

ShantelleWilliams_Midsemester2Well, it’s halfway through the semester, and more than a million things are currently on your mind. Is your GPA high enough to get you entrance into that coveted major of yours? Are you currently writing 700 cover letters to send to that one internship you’re dying to have for the semester?

We’ve all been there, and we all have things we said we would have done by now that we sadly haven’t yet. Let’s face it – in between homework, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs and parties, where does a girl have time to do certain things that clearly matter less?

Valley understands what it’s like in your shoes – let’s all have a good laugh at the things at our supposed “responsibilities” we thought we have gone through with by week 10 of fall semester.

Go to the gym

Whether you’re battling the ever elusive freshman 15 or just trying to stay healthy, you’ve told yourself you would have gone to the gym by now.

Come on, if you live downtown, it’s more than likely a gym is within two minutes from your apartment building, nearly shouting at you to come ride its ridiculously old and decrepit treadmills in its creepy, yet free, basement. There is a little excuse for you to not have gone by now.

If you’re on campus, the White Building is nearly weeping with remorse at your gym membership, which is gathering sufficient amounts of dust in the bottom of your sock drawer, just begging to be used.

10 weeks in at this point, we all thought we would have lost 10 pounds by now, rather than gained weight per an extensive Panda Express diet. Furthermore, maybe it’s about time you went on a run. Or two. Or three if you can actually get out of bed in the morning (unlike most of us).

Have lunch with that half-friend from freshman year

During freshman year of college, it’s just a way of life that we make friends with entirely random people whom we have nothing physically or emotionally in common with just for the sake of having friends to get you through the first few awkward weeks.

As we know, there’s always that one friend you make during that trial period that tends to stick to you and begs you to hang out or go to lunch once a week to catch up.

By this point in the semester, you definitely should have had that lunch meet up at Starbucks or Chipotle. Cross this date off your list before final exams come along or your inbox might be filled with way too many pointless messages.

Write your Scholarship Letter

On a more serious note, regardless of the college you’re enrolled in, there is a substantial amount of financial aid available. However, one downside of these scholarships is that in order to fully receive these rewards, you’re required to write your donors some sort of thank you letter.

Writing an extensive thank you letter for strangers supporting less than a quarter of your financial aid can tend to go completely to the bottom of your priority list. Instead of taking that afternoon nap, try writing that short letter to get that weight of guilt off your already burdened shoulders.

Photo by Shantelle Williams


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