Mezeh Mediterranean Grill Opens Their Doors

In Downtown State College, there are not many Mediterranean food options. Besides Penn Pide, Pita Cabana or a Halal truck, the area lacks Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean food representation. 

Luckily, State College welcomed a new Mediterranean food chain to the area. After almost two years of waiting for their doors to open, Mezeh Mediterranean Grill is opened! 

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Unlike many of the other food spots downtown, Mezeh offers a selection of different Mediterranean bowls, pita pockets, flatbread wraps and pizzas. They put a modern twist on Mediterranean food and their preparation style makes it convenient for customers to grab their food and go. 

Similar to a Chipotle (not food wise, but the way the layout is), you pick your grain, vegetables, toppings, proteins as you shift through the line. By the time you are ready to pay, your bowl is ready to go. 

The atmosphere is welcoming and colorful. The walls are filled with mandala decals, the seats are painted blue, orange and green and their ceiling lights and seats also follow this color scheme. These fun pops of colors add to the lively ambience of Mezeh.

One of the best perks of eating at Mezeh is that you can pick as many or little toppings as you want. They are unlimited and there are 30 to choose from, so you are leaving with a hearty meal. Their pricing is also reasonable, with items ranging from $10-15 depending on how much protein you request.

Another unique feature of Mezeh is their Mediterranean style pizza options. From spicy meat lover’s to steak and egg pizza, you are guaranteed to be blown away with the originality and tastiness of these flatbreads. This is also a good transitional menu item if you never tried Mediterranean food before.

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Not only is their savory food delicious, but their dessert is just as good. Their Baklava tastes flavorful and authentic . Their chocolate chip cookies are also fresh and to die for.

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, if you download the Mezeh app, you can also get deals on your meal, saving as much as $5 on your first purchase. They also provide occasional rewards, with perks such as a free dessert or drink.

Mezeh is located at 348 E. Calder Way, underneath the Maxxen. If you want to try something new and unique to the area, Mezeh is a great option.


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