Making the Most of the New Semester

It’s the start of the new semester, and with it comes new classes, new friends and new activities. It’s the beginning of a new time in your college career, which can be somewhat daunting, especially if you’re completely new to your school.

If you’re completely new to Penn State, welcome! We’re so glad to have you!

Valley has some advice to help all students of any college or university, transfer and returning, who are having rough or shaky times transitioning into the new semester.

If you’re having trouble meeting people and making new friends, get involved! Valley knows it’s easier said than done, what with the insane amount of clubs and options at Penn State, but that’s what makes it so great! You’re bound to find a club that will interest you.

If you don’t attend Penn State, there are always fun clubs, sports, or sororities/fraternities to join to meet new people. Even if you ultimately decide the specific activity isn’t for you, you’ll get the chance to make new friends and get more familiar with the people on your campus.

While Valley realizes that joining clubs and getting involved might push you out of your comfort zone, college is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, so you need to make the most of your experience! It’s inevitable. You’ll have to take risks and reach out to others.

Try to meet a new person wherever you go and find at least one person to be your “homework buddy” in each of your classes. Doing so allows you to easily get to know your classmates and branch out, with minimal effort, which can help minimize any uneasiness, especially if talking to people you don’t know makes you nervous.

Knowing someone in your classes also helps you transition into the academic aspect of your college experience this semester. If your classes are challenging, you now have someone to work through the difficulties with.

It’s also extremely helpful to reach out to your professors, TAs, and LAs. If another peer isn’t able to help you, the experts of the course definitely can. Learning new things should be fun, and nothing should hinder that, so if there’s something in the material that you’re not getting, just ask someone.

In the midst of keeping yourself busy with new activities, new friends, and new classes, make sure to take care of your needs first and foremost. To make the most of the new semester, you need to find a healthy balance between every aspect of your life. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with too much right off the bat.

Ultimately, the new semester is what you make it, so don’t let the opportunities and experiences slip through your fingers.