Making the Best of Fall in Happy Valley

Korch_EnjoyOutsideMost students can agree that there is nothing quite like fall in Happy Valley. However, like all good things, it must come to an end – much sooner than we would like. As September turns into October, the weather turns crisp and serves as a cool reminder that we are mere weeks away from our first winter snow.

Fall is fleeting, but that just means we should focus on making the most of the season while we can.

How to enjoy fall in the Valley:

Climb Mount Nittany

When the leaves start changing, the view from the top of Mount Nittany is all the more beautiful. The colors of the leaves combined with the cool air makes this a must-do this season. Grab a couple of your friends, and make the trip.

Participate in Nittanyville

Sleeping in tents with your best friends and counting down to a Penn State football Saturday – what could be more fun than that? Doing Nittanyville before the weather turns too cold is necessary, because it makes sleeping outside much cozier.

(Join Nittanyville here!)

Study Outdoors

Slip into one of your comfiest fall flannels, grab your backpack, and hit the books outside. There is a wide variety of study spots to choose from. On top of the business building is a nice location because if you decide you get too cold, indoors is just a few steps away. Also, the tables in the back of the HUB are a key spot, because you are very close to all of the HUB eateries in case you get hungry. Other great outdoor locations include: the Kern Building, the Henderson South Building, or even just outside under a tree somewhere.

Go mount the brand new Lion

Have you visited the new lion shrine yet? If not, grab a camera and your best friends, and make your way over to west campus. The trees with changing leaves behind the shrine will make for a perfect fall setting. Can you say profile picture?

Go on a Hayride

Many of the clubs and organizations here on campus celebrate fall by organizing a Hayride for all of their members. The Hayride takes your group out to a campground, where you will be served hot chocolate and entertained all night by a campfire band. There are bonfires and s’mores, as well, which is the main reason I went on mine last year. Slip into your booties, throw a beanie on your head, and get ready to enjoy a classic fall night with your friends – but first, be sure to join the organization that is going on the Hayride. It may be a little awkward if you show up and are not in the club.

Au Bon Pain

Sorry Starbucks, but there’s a new brand of Pumpkin Spiced Latte in town, and it’s located in Au Bon Pain. Au Bon Pain (or ABP, as I like to abbreviate it) is located up by the Forum, and it’s on your way to the library. In ABP, they have a wide variety of fresh foods for really great prices. Also, they have several different types of pumpkin foods to get you in the fall spirit.

Get involved; it’s not too late!

Club teams here play outside in the crisp air, and it’s not too late to join. There’s everything from club Frisbee to club tennis. And if competitive club sports are not your thing, Intramural sports are always a great option. You can even make a club team with your dorm floor.

As you can see, there is really no good excuse to stay inside this fall. Whether you’re gearing up for football Saturday, or taking a stroll over to a new part of campus, Penn State has much to take advantage of.

Slip into your best fall flannel and get outside.

Photo by Jessica Korch


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