Making A Healthy Transition From October to November

Going from Halloween to Thanksgiving without feeling bloated is no easy feat, but we want to help. Halloween has come and gone and the holiday season (and even more eating) is upon us. If Halloween candy left you with a little jiggle in your walk, Valley has some easy moves to get your fitness level back on track. Getting from Halloween past Thanksgiving is no easy feat, but we want to help.

On the ball

Traditional crunches are great to strengthen your core, but amp up your routine by incorporating a workout ball. This gives your body a wider range of motion and works more muscles in your core. It’s way more comfortable than laying on the floor, too.

Be smart, use dumbbells

Goodbye, love handles. Dumbells are quick and easy – keep them in your room or hit up the mats after a cardio workout.

Hold a dumbbell straight down on the side of your body and lean to the side with the weight. This will work those love handles off in no time.

Like a kid

Jump rope! It’s a great cardio workout and burns around 11 calories a minute. If you jack up the intensity level it can burn up to 20 calories a minute.

White Building works

Remember that the White Building on campus offers great fitness classes everyday. Calorie Killer is a favorite among many and Washboard Abs is great if you’re running short on time (it’s only 20 minutes!).

Spin a little

Cycling classes at the White Building are great for both beginners and advanced cyclists. Just remember to bring your own seat towel!

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