Makeup Tricks and Treats for October

Halloweekend is a few days away—do you know what your costume will be? From everyday makeup to bold holiday creations, VALLEY has makeup tips and tricks for this spooky season.

Casual October

With the weather getting chilly and Halloween a week away, VALLEY has the scoop on day-to-day fall makeup trends. Just like the leaves, eyeshadow colors favor golds, reds and oranges. For fair skin, VALLEY recommends combining browns and golds to create a unique but subtle transition into fall. For darker skin tones, reds and oranges create a bold look that scream “fierce and fabulous.”

Halloween is a time to explore your artistic ability in the form of makeup. VALLEY has seen costume makeup ranging from glitter to gore so here are some tips from both sides of the spectrum. Branch out and find something new to try this year!

Halloweekend Sexy

Mermaids, sugar skulls and devils are the top choices for easy sexy costumes and makeup. Although it may seem intimidating, there are easy steps to transforming yourself into these otherworldly creatures. For mermaids, all you need is some metallic purple and blue eyeshadow and some fishnet stockings. Sugar skulls require only basic black eyeliner, some shimmery gold eyeshadow and a little bit of patience. Red, red, red are what devils are made of. With this common costume, you can dress the makeup up or down. You can do just a bold red eye with black accents or you can go full out with red shading near the eyebrows, cheekbones and corner of the eyes.

Halloweekend Scary

Gory makeup has become a popular choice over the last few years, including looks like unzipped faces, clawed faces and even a wide range of zombies. These looks may instill fear in others but create new possibilities for you! The unzipped look requires the most supplies and time but is also one of the most dramatic looks. For this, you need a zipper, skin-safe adhesive and some liquid latex, along with the regular foundation and eyeshadows to blend the look. For a clawed face you also need liquid latex, however, the rest of the cosmetics are varying shades of foundation and eyeshadows to create the bloody look. The zombie look doesn’t require latex unless you want to add it. The look does, however, call for dark purple eyeshadows to create a bruised look as well as a red lip liner for scars.

Whatever you choose, VALLEY wishes you a happy and safe Halloweekend. Tag @ValleyMag in pictures on Instagram or Twitter with your look!