Makeup Steals and Drugstore Deals

Kylin_DrugStoreBeautyLet’s face it, ladies: we’re broke. And try as we might, it’s difficult to consistently replenish our beauty collection with twenty dollar mascara. Twenty dollars causes a dent so big in our bank accounts that we’re forced to eat Ramen for the next four weeks.

We must teach ourselves to let go of the idea that the higher the price, the better the quality. As hard as it may be to let go of our favorite Sephora beauty products, all is not lost. Drugstore beauty lines such as Covergirl, Revlon and Maybeline sell products practically identical in quality (or better!) to designer brands, but for a much smaller cost.

Compare for yourself, and save big.

Ditch that: No Clump Mascara by Blinc – Sephora stores – $26.00
Try this! Clump Crusher Mascara by Covergirl – Drugstores – $8.99

Ditch that: Skin Perfection Gel by Per-fekt – Sephora stores – $57.50
Try this: Skin Perfecting BB Cream by Maybeline – Drugstores – $8.49

Ditch that: Lip & Cheek Stain by Stila – Sephora stores – $24.00
Try this: Lipstain by Revlon – Drugstores – $7.79

Ditch that: Perfecting Cover Concealer by Sephora Collection – Sephora stores – $16.00
Try this: Photoready Concealer by Revlon – Drugstores – $9.49

Ditch that: Blush/Bronzer Duo by NARS – Sephora Stores – $41.00
Try this: Shimmer Strip Bronzer and Blush by Physicans Formula – Drugstores – $13.49

Ditch that: Moroccanoil Treatment by Moroccanoil – Salons – $43.00
Try this: Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix – Drugstores – $7.99

Photo by Kylin Chen


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