Maintain Motivation for the Home Stretch

Photo by Maria Crisafulli

Struggling to see the light at the end of tunnel this semester? The latter half of the semester post-spring break is always the hardest. Upon arriving back to abnormally frigid March temperatures in State College after a warm, tropical spring break somewhere is nothing but a huge tease. Your mind is reaching the mindset of summer, yet you aren’t quite entirely there yet. Anxiously awaiting a time of warmer days, and far less responsibilities only makes the remaining six weeks of school unbearable.

It can be extremely hard to stay motivated, and it isn’t much easier when, all of the sudden, school hits you like a fast moving train. One might say this is comparable to the feeling of ‘senior slide’ in high school – unfortunately, no such thing exists in college. Thus, we are left with nothing but desperation in finding ways to keep that steam rolling.

Valley looked into some effective ways in doing just that – so we suggest you strongly consider them. Consider it your ‘survival guide’ for the few remaining weeks.

Stay Organized

Although it may be easier said than done, keeping your schedule and surroundings clear and organized can go a long way. Write it all down. What’s the worst that could happen? Don’t risk forgetting those minor, tedious assignments or errands. Enjoy the relieving feeling of satisfaction by crossing those assignments off of your to-do list.

Balance Your Schedule

Don’t let yourself get into the ‘senior-slide’ mentality too much, but also try to avoid hitting the books too hard. Like most things in life, your schedule needs balancing. Don’t rely too heavily on becoming a total couch potato, but don’t spend all of your hours in the library. Cramming is not always key.

Develop a routine that you can learn to stick with. Perhaps for few hours you complete school work, reward yourself with an hour or two of relaxation, or give yourself time to go to the gym or to read your favorite book. Using your downtime for a quick power nap is never a crime, either. Balance is always the answer to a happier mindset.

Take it Day by Day

It can be painful trying to get through a stressful week – especially when you may think it’s seemingly impossible to do so without pulling out your hair or suffering a few mental breakdowns. The only solution to this is taking everything day by day. By staying organized, keeping a written to-do list and balancing your schedule, you’re making it much easier on yourself to take everything one step at a time.

Worry about the now, not the research paper or exam you have eight days from now. Start your morning with a good breakfast or a strong cup of coffee, listen to your favorite song on the walk to class and look forward to the little things that make your day better. Find time for yourself and the things that make you a happier, less-stressed version of yourself.

Using these tips can help you get through the rest of this difficult semester. It can be easy to let your studies slip away from you, but staying on top of everything will make the rest of the school year a piece of cake. Keep going, you are almost there!