Lift and Tint: An Alternative to Lash Extensions

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2019 was filled with glitz and glam, with one main focus: eyes. The Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé were among numerous A-list stars to undergo the semi-permanent makeup trend of eyelash extensions. However, 2020 has opted for a more natural alternative: lash lifts and tints. 

The Basics

Eyelash extensions can add dramatic volume, thickness and length with the usage of synthetic hairs individually placed onto one’s own lash using a special adhesive. The initial set of lashes is usually priced between $200–$300, and refills tend to go for at least $80–$125. Pricing mainly depends on the type of set one chooses and will vary from studio to studio. The extensions last for 2 to 3 weeks, and the first appointment can be expected to take a couple of hours.

An eyelash lift and tint uses the natural hairs to lift from the root using simple solutions and a rod to create its shape. Following the lift, a tint is applied to darken the lashes which later results in a decrease in the need for the application of mascara. The price of the tint typically sits around $100, and the lift and tint last for 6-8 weeks, on average. The sessions are usually much shorter and can be fit in on your lunch break or in between classes.

Who, When, Where

Anybody is eligible to undergo the procedure of a lash lift and tint. To find an eyelash studio near you, VALLEY recommends checking out local reviews online or asking around. After careful consideration and research, you can book an appointment with any qualified lash technician. Before the end of a booking, the client will typically be advised to avoid wearing contacts (if applicable) and makeup. 


Many businesses that offer this service tend to ask clients to arrive 10–15 minutes prior to the scheduled procedure. Understandable, of course! This allows for both the technician and client to discuss certain aspects of the client’s eye care, what to expect from the procedure and what the client hopes is achieved. Depending on the place where your lift and tint will occur, many salons offer 3–4 styles of lash curl. Some people expect the Kardashian look in their curls while others hope for a more Margot Robbie-esque natural lift. It’s all preference-based, and most studios have plenty of options. 


The procedure usually lasts close to 45 minutes to an hour, much shorter in comparison to getting extensions. Eye patches are placed under the bottom lash line following a silicon rod on the upper lash line. An adhesive is then placed on the rod which allows for the lashes to be brushed and isolated.

Following this step, the first solution is placed, allowing the lashes to soften and mold into the shape of the rod. The second solution is known as the “neutralizing step” which sets and holds the shape the lashes are currently in. The rod is then removed and the lashes are free of any residue. Finally comes the darkening of the lashes. The tint is “painted” onto the lashes from the root to tint against a small frame. The eyelashes are then cleaned and you are left with the final result. 


One is advised to avoid any liquids and makeup on/around the eye area for 24 hours. However, after 24 hours the client can follow their regular routine involving getting liquid near the eyes and using makeup, if desired.

Our Take

The eyelash lift and tint procedures offer a new form of semi-permanent makeup. With a shorter, less expensive procedure that results in longer-lasting, more natural results, the trend has grown in popularity. Both options are extremely versatile; however, someone who is debating between the two must take into consideration cost, time and what they prefer their lashes to look like.



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