Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby!

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Most girls can agree that the hopes and dreams that we had for our sex and love lives have only been met with crippling disappointment. If you’re approaching the deed with no excitement, boy do we have a solution for you.

“Call Her Daddy” is an up and coming podcast all about sex and personal improvement presented by Barstool Sports. It is ranked at number nine on the Top Charts of the Podcast app and only seems to grow by the minute. The co-hosts, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn are two girls who are more than experienced in their field and are ready to share their expertise with the world. Their high-pitched voices may be enough to steer some viewers in other directions; however, once you delve into their world it’s hard to stay away.  Around the Barstool office, they are known as the Call Her Daddy Girls and they have loyal followers in New York City and all over the world known as the Daddy Gang.

Every Wednesday a new episode is released under a risqué title so people who are commuting to work, walking to class or drinking their morning coffee can pop their headphones in and get their weekly share of sex advice from the Daddy Girls.  The Gluck Gluck 9000, Post D*ck Appointment Flashbacks, Run-ins With Your Ex, and Drunk Sex: Blackout Edition are a few episode titles to name a few of the 46 total.

No topic is too provocative, and little is left to the imagination in this podcast.  The bar is raised higher and higher each week, opening the flood gates for spicier topics to be discussed.  Alex, the Boston University graduate, refers to the show as “a women’s locker-room conversation that we should be able to have.”  Although their following is evenly split between male and female viewers, they are empowering women to stand up for themselves against selfish men in the bedroom.  The girls understand that men and women have never had an outlet to find all of this information so they go as far in detail as they can.  Male and female pleasure is always the priority and judgment is always left out of the picture.  As they always say, “If it feels good, do it!”  Alex and Sofia are paving the way for a new sexual awakening.

The “Call Her Daddy” podcast can be found on the Podcast app, iTunes and Spotify.  Their hilarious merch is sold on the Barstool Store.  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @callherdaddy.  Subscribe to their YouTube channel to see their faces and to get a behind the scenes look at their day to day lives at the Barstool office!

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