Let Your Friends Know You Love ‘Em

Mannino.VdayFriends1This Valentine’s Day, ditch the guys.  At the end of the day, it’s our friends we’re in the relationship with anyways. We eat together, cuddle together – heck, some of us even sleep together. Take some time to show your friends you’re totally obsessed with them the v-day with these fun, festive ideas.


Since Valentines Day falls on a weekend this year, take advantage of the Friday night and plan a perfect girls night out with friends. Whether you hit the bars or see a chick-flick, stick to your girls’ side and let them know you’ve always got their back.

Pick a Card, Any Card

We know they’re super cheesey, but cheesey can be fun. Have a blast in the card aisle picking out the perfect cards for your best friends. Make it a game to see who can find the cheesiest card, the grossest, or the sappiest. There’s nothing wrong with a little mockery on Valentine’s day!

Say Cheese

Frame your favorite picture of you and your BFFS and give it to them as gifts this Friday.  It’s super cheep to order prints online from CVS – and even cheaper to find a simple frame at the dollar store. Your friends will love the thoughtfulness. We all know girls love a good picture, too.

Give Kisses

Hershey kisses. Leave a few on your friend’s desk with a cute note letting her know how much you appreciate her. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make us grow that much closer together.

Photo by Gabby Mannino

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