Last-Minute White Out Outfit Inspo

Photo taken by Joe Hermitt

It’s every Penn Stater’s favorite football week: the White Out. There’s so much excitement and hype around the game and tradition … and so many insta-worthy looks. Wearing all white does not seem like a big problem until you realize you don’t want to wear your favorite white jeans, white fur coat, white hat and white adidas. So what do you do when you want to be fashionably white for the White Out?

It’s time to get creative with a shopping spree around State College!


One of the best parts of game day is scrolling through Instagram and seeing the creative of accessories added to a game day look. The biggest trends right now have been the sunglasses that spell out “WE ARE” or “PENN STATE”. This is something you can make on your own with some white paint from the craft store and a pair of white sunglasses from Target.  

Bandanas are also a subtle accessory on game days and readily available at McLanahan’s. For a White Out, you can wear a white bandana around your neck to bring dimension to an outfit. If you think you need to do something different with your hair, wear the bandana as a headband.

A pair of Nittany Lion ears is THE Penn State game day accessory. There are different styles, one of which is mostly white, but either one will get you that cute picture. Don’t not wear them because they’re “basic” and “everyone wears them” — wear them because you want to!


There are TOO many Penn State white shirt options in downtown State College right now. You can go for the normal route and buy a shirt or sweatshirt and cut it up. This is the best option if you do not want to ruin your favorite white shirts because you never know what may spill on it.

If T-shirts aren’t your game day look, there are plenty of other looks to go for. White tube tops, crop tops and tanks get the job done and look cute when accessorized. White mesh shirts over a white bandeau will surely be a look that sets you apart. The best place to find last-minute plain, white shirts and maybe even a mesh shirts would be your nearest Forever 21 or TJ Maxx.

White flannels — although not too common — do exist, and you might be able to find one at a retail store or thrift store. Flannels are great because they can act as an accessory or shirt. You can wear them opened with a shirt, as your shirt or around you waste. Either way, you are bringing more white to your outfit and if it gets cold, you’ll have an extra layer ready.  


No doubt that pants are the hardest part of White Out outfit planning. Most resort back to the ripped jeans, leggings or navy cheerleading skirts because they are too afraid to ruin their white jeans and don’t want to buy a new pair.

Go to a thrift store or consignment shop if you do want the white jeans look without ruining your jeans. You can still get that cute pregame picture, and you can ruin your new white jeans without stressing over any damage done to your wallet. Also, consider light wash jeans as an alternative — they aren’t quite white, but they are light enough and common enough to find, especially on a budget.

White leggings are also an option. Leggings can pair with just about any shirt and shoe combo. Not to mention, leggings are always comfortable. You can definitely rock white joggers too, but only to be considered if the temperature drops. 

Be aware of the risks when you put your pants on for the day and be conscious when you put on your white Nike leggings that they could be  by some barbecue sauce from a chicken basket.


Pretty sure the only shoes you will see at a white out are white converse. As with any tailgate, wear any shoes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty. If it’s white and still looks white, save yourself from the pain of waking up in the morning only to discover that your clean white shoes look like they crawled a mile through the mud. 



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