Lady Gaga Hints at New Makeup Line, Haus Beauty

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A lot of celebrities have started their own makeup lines, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has become one of the top-selling beauty lines, on track to surpass Kylie Cosmetics according to Women’s Wear Daily after just celebrating their one-year anniversary of the launch. There is another makeup line that is expected to surface that has “Little Monsters” more than excited.

Lady Gaga has officially trademarked “Haus Beauty.” Haus refers to Lady Gaga’s style team that reflects her personal and individual style. From the meat dress to the iconic “Joanne” hat, there are so many questions to what this makeup line will entail.

Allure said, “According to the application, the Haus Beauty name would be used for a potentially huge number of products, including foundations, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, perfume, facial cleansers, toner, scrubs, moisturizer, hand cream, masks, highlighter, bronzer, body oil, face wipes, sunscreen, self-tanner, nail polish and more.”

There are over 70 new products that are trademarked.

It appears that there is a lot in store for the brand, but this would be Gaga’s very first rendezvous into the makeup world alone.

Gaga has in fact partnered with MAC cosmetics to raise money for AIDS research by creating custom Viva Glam lip products that were limited edition, but can still be found on Amazon.

Gaga also has entered the world of fragrances when she came out with her own perfume, Lady Gaga Fame with Coty, Inc. in 2012.

Lady Gaga Fame, according to Gaga in an interview with the Daily Mail, smells like, “An expensive hooker,” and “blood and semen.” Despite her personal description of the perfume, Gaga ended up selling 30 million bottles of Lady Gaga Fame.

The world has yet to learn what Haus Beauty has in store, but Lady Gaga seems to be hinting at the line more and more.

This month, Gaga was featured in a Vogue “73 Questions With” video.

The interviewer asked her, “Can you reveal for me one of your beauty secrets?” Gaga replied, “Soon.”

Although there isn’t much to say about what the products will look like, or if they will be obscure like her fashion choices, there is speculation that she has been hinting at the line on her Instagram.

There are a substantial number of hashtags related to Haus Beauty such as #haus, #hausofgaga and #hauseditorial.

Many fans are concerned about if the brand will be cruelty-free because MAC is known to be a brand that uses animal testing and she had previously worked with them.

There are just so many questions for Gaga, and the sooner she answers them, the more excited the Little Monsters will get.

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