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Before we dive into how the movie, “Lady Bird,” earned it’s perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, VALLEY is curious: when was the last time you went to the movie theater? If you’re like us, it’s not something you’re normally eager to do. However, after seeing this trailer we jumped at the chance to see this movie ASAP. “Lady Bird” lived up to our expectations as well as its perfect score and left us feeling warm and lighthearted.

Set in Sacramento, California, the movie tells the story of Christine MacPherson, a high school senior desperate to graduate and move to the East Coast. Along the way, she manages the typical high school dilemmas of fitting in, keeping up her grades, losing her virginity, applying to colleges and fighting with her mom. All these relatable moments are comforting in this coming of age story, however this is no cliché. Each conversation is a conversation we have all experienced ourselves. Everything about this movie is raw. “Lady Bird was an outstanding movie,” says Dylan McKelvey, a sophomore at Penn State. “The acting in the movie felt like real life and their story was so real and true.”

The plot is as simple as following MacPherson’s life. The movie quickly cuts to different scenes throughout her senior year in a lovely, yet quirky way. From her audition in the fall musical to finding the perfect prom dress, you view this movie with a soft smile reminding you of your high school days and how you handled each difficult situation.

While the focus of the movie is on MacPherson, you connect to the movie through how the side characters affect her life and provoke her emotions. These interactions will make you angry, make you laugh or even make you shed a tear. Some major scenes in “Lady Bird” include MacPherson trying to date and find a boyfriend, but those are minor relationships compared to the one she has with her mother. Unlike most coming of age stories the most influential and important relationship isn’t a love interest, but the one with her mom.

Like every mother-daughter relationship there is a struggle of independence. MacPherson is a fiery girl who wants to fly from the nest. The constant battles she faces with her mother prove to be small when compared to how much love they have for one another. This adds an incredible connection and appreciation for those loving family relationships. That’s what makes this movie so great to watch. The premise of this movie isn’t just about a bratty girl trying to find her place in life or another ordinary boy meets girl story. “I was truly captivated by Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf,” says McKelvey, “and I applaud them.” This movie not only will make you want to call your mom, but really make you appreciate her.

On top of all the high school memories you reminisce upon while watching, the film is captivatingly clever. “I loved the subtle humor that, for me at least, lasted long after the punchline. Overall a great movie and definitely worthy of many viewings,” says McKelvey. Whether you go to cry, laugh, or catch some ~feels~, this film is not one to miss.


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