K-Beauty and J-Beauty Makeup Products You Need

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Futuristic as it is, there’s something comfy about the essence of K-beauty and J-beauty. Maybe it’s the fact that you know your skin will look amazing regardless of whatever product you use. Although they’ve built a reputation for skincare, their makeup products are just as important and tailored. If you have a different eye shape that doesn’t fit the mold for western beauty products, or you want that “glass skin” look with all the added benefits, K-Beauty and J-Beauty makeup products are cheap and effective. Look no further, VALLEY has picked out some of the best products so you’re not missing out.

Ettusais Shadow Liner
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This J-Beauty product is a game-changer. All you have to do is twist it up and swipe it across your top eyelid to achieve the perfect, flattering shadow liner. Because of its shape, it already mimics the shape of shadow liner and it’s just pigmented enough to create that smoky look.

Ettusais Lip Essence
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Ah, no need to fear — the gloss has is here. This gloss has SPF and is considered a “hyper gloss oil.” It’s a part of the “glass skin” trend, and it’s the perfect amount of sticky and thick so that you know it’s staying on.

Japonesque Travel Lash Curler
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Fear not — this device can appear intimidating however it’s a curler that catches all lashes. If regular drugstore eyelash curlers don’t fit your eye-shape, for $11, you can get this tiny contraption that curls your lashes perfectly for mascara application.

Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara
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This waterproof mascara has a technology that makes your lashes curl for 24 hours. It carefully holds the curl without being too heavy and doesn’t smudge.

Etude House Disney Tsum Tsum Jelly Moose Tint
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The packaging alone might convince you to buy this. Along with its Disney collection packaging, this tint has a unique texture that creates a blush option. It’s marketed as a lip tint, but can be used for anything! It has a mousse texture that feels spongey and whipped cream-like to make for easy application.

Missha M BB Boomer Primer
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This illuminating primer creates a pearly, dewy appearance that brightens and prevents wrinkles. It’s considered a BB cream primer that evens out skin texture and adds moisture and glow. It’s great even without wearing BB cream overtop.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
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People swear by this product for its skincare benefits and complexion mirroring technology. This BB cream has SPF 42  PA+++ and offers a high coverage but lightweight feel to even out skin tones.

If you try any of these products or have any recommendations, tag us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram with pics of your favorite K-Beauty and J-Beauty products!


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