Jumping for Juices!

With summer finally in full swing, there’s no better time to start working on (or finish working on) that summer bod. But how can that be achieved without working out nearly every day? Have you ever thought about what you’re putting into your body before or after a workout? Well, now it’s time to drop some weight by dropping the carbs and picking up some fruits and veggies — for juices.

Fruits and vegetables may seem daunting to those who don’t eat them frequently. So instead, why not blend them together and call it a meal? Juices are a lighter substitute for smoothies, so they don’t contain any sort of dairy such as milk or yogurt — they’re purely blended fruits and vegetables. Often, juices are used for cleanses to abstain from normal food consumption in the form of a body detox. These cleanses can last up to a week to regulate the body’s digestive system to trick it into becoming healthier.

For the most successful results of a juice cleanse, it’s best to stick to raw, organic ingredients, as well as refraining from cheat meals that include carbs or sweets. VALLEY has picked out the best store-bought juice cleanses that are all-natural with their selection of fruits and vegetables. If you’re feeling daring, you can even try to recreate your own juices at home!

Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh takes a different approach to making their juices — they do it the cold-pressed way. They want to ensure that the flavor and nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables are maintained in the consistency of each juice they produce. The goal of Evolution Fresh is to keep their juices as natural as possible so that they’re fresh from the moment they’re capped off to the moment you take a sip.

Suja Juice

The word “suja” itself means “long, beautiful life,” so why not get on that track by starting a juice cleanse with their products? Suja Juice also creates their products with a cold-pressed process, making sure they’re consistently organic, non-GMO, and feature plant-powered ingredients. They also specialize in kombuchas and plant protein milks — an array of drinks to please everyone’s tastebuds.

Bolthouse Farms Juice

BoltHouse Farms puts the majority of their focus on the maintenance of their fruits and vegetables before they’re even blended into juices. They want to make sure their ingredients are as natural and as fresh as possible so that the overall products have the most benefits. Not only does BoltHouse Farms specialize in fruit and vegetable juices, but they also have plant protein milks and proteins drinks.


When faced with any new situation, it’s best to research and prepare. At BluePrint, they stress the preparation phase of the juice cleanse; without preparing, it may seem impossible to withstand the entirety of the cleanse. Their cleanses range from beginner level to expert level, so it’s possible for practically anyone to take part.

Columbia Gorge Juice

Columbia Gorge Juice is known for their locally grown produce, as they believe that small farming operations result in the freshest fruits and vegetables. They also emphasize the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how it is produced. Columbia Gorge’s juices are also cold-pressed and organic, featuring the best and most popular fruits and vegetables of each season.

Juice cleanses may seem simple in theory, but it definitely matters where you get your juices and what kind of juices you choose to go on. What better way to stay cool — and healthy — this summer than to go on a juice cleanse!


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