It’s Job Hunting Season

For seniors, the fall is in full swing, which means only one thing: job season. Your friends are getting jobs left and right, moving to all new places with the world at their fingertips. The exciting news of other people having a plan after graduation is great, but then comes the pressures of starting your own search for the future. It could be difficult to keep your cool when everyone around you has a plan and you have nothing. Here are some tips to stay afloat when you hear the next job offer, especially if your job applications don’t start until later.

Trust The Process

Finance, accounting, hospitality and so many more majors offer jobs in the fall. Remember that just because they have their spots secured doesn’t mean you have to have yours yet — especially if employers don’t hire until at least April for your dream job. Your time will come, even if it is a little later than the others.

Build Yourself Up Instead of Bringing Yourself Down

Let the next job offer your friend gets give you the motivation to connect with someone new on LinkedIn, go to that information session you never saw yourself going to, attend a speaker from your college and feel inspired through the process. The more you expose yourself to networking and getting your résumé out there, the higher chance you will get to have your moment and be comfortable with the search itself.

Set Goals

At the beginning of each month, week or day, have a list. A set plan of what you want to accomplish job-wise. Decide how much time you are going to spend searching for jobs — even if it is 20 minutes a day, plan it. This could be a list of companies to reach out to, people to contact, how to perfect your résumé, or just to attend an information session. Writing goals down on pen and paper help to actually achieve them.

Remind Yourself To Stay Sane

It’s all about your perception on the job search. If all your friends have jobs, just know and think your time is coming — it’s out there. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Having the perfect offer at the perfect time might not happen, however the time will come. Don’t get lost in it all, remember this is your last year at the place you called home. Try to cherish your time here instead of worrying about the rest of your life.


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