Introducing 814-Based Clothing and Lifestyle Brand ‘HighTop’

Photo via Travis Wilmer and Collin Smith

Happy Valley’s very own Penn State alums Travis Witmer and Collin Smith, have taken their creativity to new heights to co-found HighTop: a “perfectly imperfect” collection of eclectic and trippy pieces inspired by music, art and pop culture. 

HighTop Co-Founders Travis Wilmer (left) and Collin Smith (right)
Photo via Travis Wilmer and Collin Smith

HighTop is for the groovy, the adventurous, and the free-spirited. Pennsylvania natives, the duo’s handmade graphics are inspired by the punk aesthetic of the ’90s, with close ties to their days in Happy Valley. Though the brand is heavily inspired by nostalgia, HighTop is perfectly on-trend. 

The brand employs nostalgia aesthetics and local central Pennsylvania visuals on their Instagram and website,, to form a unique look that resonates with the culture of bold and creative State College locals, using design techniques of bold font and colors that are trending today. Their tie-dye hoodies, colorful beanies, and one-of-a-kind graphics are perfect for our expressive, inventive, and always on-trend VALLEY readers.

Photo via Travis Wilmer and Collin Smith

HighTop’s signature logo is an edgy giraffe wearing a cool pair of high-top sneakers (an amazing play on words) with a pierced ear. ‘High Top’ is stylized with a groovy font, a perfect addition to the unique tie-dye patterns and color pairings. 

Graphic hoodies and tees are the moment, especially those with bright prints. With a wide variety of colors and designs, HighTop’s pieces are perfect for Saturdays at State, relaxing at home, or pairing with your favorite street style fit. 

The abundance of content shared on the internet is their biggest obstacle to standing out to customers, they say. Their best advice for all you creatives and business-savvy Penn Staters is simply to “test and learn”. There are several tactics internet businesses use for social media optimization, but it takes trial and error to find which works for your own. 

Photo via Travis Wilmer and Collin Smith

Engaging their audience through multiple platforms, the brand hosts “HighTop Talks” on their website, in which they share the in’s and out’s of their creative process with those that helped bring HighTop together, along with their visions for the future. 

Wilmer and Smith shared with VALLEY the role Penn State played in HighTop’s takeoff. Once a student from the School of Visual Arts and Photo Director of VALLEY, Witmer says he found his niche as an art creator at Penn State, perfecting his casting and directing skills that were essential for curating shoots for HighTop. 

Run, don’t walk- the website sells out styles fast. You’ll need to be updated on their newest collection the moment it drops. You can stay caught up with HighTop by visiting their website or visiting their Instagram, @HighTop814. 

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