Instagram Challenges Are Saving Us From Boredom…Until Tomorrow

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In today’s society, college students can all relate to one thing: the never-ending cycle of constant boredom. Besides completing (online) schoolwork, college students are left pondering what they could do with their time while quarantined in one place. Spending your days inside a house can often feel quite restricting, with the continuous feeling of isolation ultimately reaching a new level.

To solve this everyday problem in quarantine, Instagram challenges have been the new fad for all users. These Instagram challenges have gained tons of attention all over the country, with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Tim McGraw participating as well. From push-up challenges to posting embarrassing pictures, these virtual trends have helped Instagram users fight their boredom and spread positivity during these hard times.

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These Instagram challenges all hold one common theme: the nomination of other Instagram users! In all of the challenges, you are required to nominate other users to participate and continue the challenge. Spreading like wildfire, these challenges have seamlessly reached various audiences of Instagram’s platform.

Let’s jump right in and take a closer look at all of the Instagram challenges that have blown up across the world!

1. Until Tomorrow Challenge

This Instagram challenge has seemingly broken the internet, reaching all platforms but with Instagram users participating in this challenge the most. If you’ve done any scrolling on Instagram within the last week, you are sure to find this popular challenge. For the “Until Tomorrow” challenge, users are required to post embarrassing photos of themselves that they can delete after 24 hours. If another user likes your embarrassing photo, you are required to send a direct message that looks like this:

So…You liked my post, so you have to post an embarrassing picture of yourself. For the caption you’re ONLY allowed to write “until tomorrow” and you can only tag me.

This challenge has ultimately made Instagram more of a casual platform, which is why it is so fun. Post an embarrassing picture and slide in those direct messages!

2. Push Up Challenge

Although staying fit during quarantine may be a struggle, Instagram users are using this to spread motivation and convince others to keep up with their fitness! The “Push-Up Challenge” is where you complete ten push-ups on camera, then nominate other Instagram users to do the same! This trend is one that VALLEY can get behind, because one all this is over, beach body season is right around the corner! Even Justin Bieber took part in the now-iconic challenge and nominated other users to do the same.

3. #SeeADogSendADog
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This challenge, #SeeADogSendADog, will have you rolling over in cuteness overload. In this challenge, an Instagram user is required to post a photo of their dog with the hashtag #SeeADogSendADog. This Instagram trend is totally fetch and is the perfect addition to spice up your typical Instagram story. Tag your family and friends to meet some of their fuzzy friends!

4. Toilet Paper Challenge

As for fitness, the Instagram “Toilet Paper Challenge” has been blowing up across the platform. During quarantine, soccer players from all over the world haven’t been able to meet for practice. In midst of this, famous players are practicing their soccer skills with a toilet paper roll. To do this, record yourself kicking a toilet paper roll and tag your friends and family. What a kick-ass challenge!

5. Instagram Story Drawing Challenges
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Looking for the perfect way to show off your artistic skills? Start drawing whatever you want on your Instagram story, then tag your friends and family! This challenge is so fun because there has been various different drawings, with the most popular being a carrot and SpongeBob’s pineapple under the sea.

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