Inside the Life of a Jewelry Maker

Photo by Lost World Jewelry | @lostworldjewelry

The website Etsy is comparable to Amazon, but for unique, handmade items. It’s best known as a site where users can find intricate, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Valley caught up with a designer who sells her pieces on Etsy to dish out the in’s and out’s of the life of jewelry maker.

Lisa Buyofsky founded her Etsy shop Lost World Jewelry in 2014, but she says her interest in art came when she was much younger. She learned how to make necklaces from her sister, Lauren. Creating jewelry started out as a hobby, but at the urging of friends and family, she took a class at a community college. Ever since, she says she’s “just been developing my style and going with the flow!”

Buyofsky’s favorite kind of jewelry to make is rings, but she also sells earrings, bracelets and necklaces. She explains that most of Lost World Jewelry comes in “an ocean-minded color palette of blues, greens, tans and silver.” The stones in her pieces are either hand picked from local sellers or found by Buyofsky herself on the beach.

Finding the perfect centerpiece is just the beginning of a lengthy process. With rings, for example, the artist starts by shaping the metal around the stone and then soldering it shut. The edges then have to be sanded off. Then, the ring has to be sized to the exact dimensions requested by the buyer. After polishing and setting the stone, the ring is ready to be shipped.

Many Etsy sellers, including Lost World Jewelry, offer buyers the opportunity to buy custom pieces. Buyofsky says that custom pieces she’s had requested range from a different chain length on a necklace to a completely original piece. When shoppers want a totally original creation, Buyofsky says that her and the customer build something new together. She asks customers to give as much detail as they can about what they want, including what colors, stones and chain length they would like. Before making the final piece, she shows the client a hand drawn model of her design to ensure that they’ll get exactly what they want.

However, there’s more to Buyofsky’s work than just making the jewelry. She also is operating her own business. She explained to Valley that starting your own business is definitely more involved than it looks, but it can be just as rewarding. She cites the internet as a useful resource, especially YouTube and social media. “Whatever you want to do is possible if you’re willing to work hard and put the time and effort into it,” Buyofsky says.

To see Lisa Buyofsky’s work, check out You can also find her on Instagram @lostworldjewelry, on Facebook as Lost World Jewelry and on Pinterest as LostWorldJewels.