Indy Blue: Fashion Entrepreneur and Influencer

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Maybe that came off a little strong, considering we just met and all. Or maybe, you know exactly what VALLEY is saying. Sweatshirt season is finally coming back to us and Lonely Ghost, the brand that patented the phrase “ILYSB,” is at the top of the fall fashion needs.

Indy Blue
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You might recognize the name from your early Tumblr days or from your YouTube recommended or maybe even from Cody Ko’s iconic “blue water” video. Indy has always had a social media presence, with her nostalgic, scenic, perfectly edited travel vlogs.

She and her close friend Bronson created Lonely Ghost in 2019 all after inspiration hit from just one text: “Say it back.”

Sent by the now father of her child, Jack, after an abrupt hang-up on Indy’s side with no reciprocation of the L word. Pretty personal stuff to base your entire company on, right? That’s exactly the point.

The reason why Lonely Ghost is so popular, now with a physical retail shop in Utah that opened last year, is because of how personal the whole thing is. The company is formulated on different ways to say “I love you,” with each new clothing drop centered around a different idea of love each time.

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She posts videos, Spotify playlists and recently revamped her old teenage blog. She writes about her personal life, which involves Jack and her baby Seven Severe as well as the universal struggles of the world and social media.

She is known to be relatable, as she is aware of the following she has but does a lot in her power to differentiate herself from other influencers who seem so lost in the world of Instagram. She is a writer, a traveler, a businesswoman, a mom, and, as open with her personal life as she is a friend to her followers.

Fashion is a huge part of one’s identity. What you chose to wear should be representative of what you like, believe in, want — all that good stuff. That is exactly what Lonely Ghost provides. Comfy sweatshirts that give more than just a good Pinterest moment. The clothes are trendy, the company is growing and Indy herself is loved by her ghosty gang members.


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