Impulse Spending and How to Avoid It

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As we live in a world driven by consumerism, we constantly find ourselves surrounded by material treasures we simply can’t resist, whether we planned to purchase them beforehand or not. Whether you are spending $2 on a candy bar before you check out at the grocery store or $30 on a shirt you suddenly cannot exist without while you surf the Free People website, impulse spending is not a wallet-friendly practice, and it is often followed with guilt.

Here are some ways that you can cut down on impulse spending and instead save your hard-earned money to make purchases that you feel proud of. 

Steer Clear from Virtual Window Shopping
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Although we may not be proud of it, everyone can admit that they love to browse online stores. There is certainly no shame in having a look at what is new at your favorite brand — however, the internet opens opportunities for sudden splurging like no other. While it serves to make shopping more convenient, the sheer amount of options at the user’s fingertips makes it far easier to make an unplanned purchase.

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This is especially true of affordable websites, such as those of fast fashion brands. You may not feel very guilty in the moment as you impulsively buy a $5 T-shirt on because the item is so inexpensive. However, these instances certainly add up over time. While there is absolutely no need to give up on virtual shopping altogether, we encourage you to use this resource with care. Rather than fall into recreational online window shopping, plan your purchases ahead of time so that you never risk overspending on this limitless marketplace. 

Shop With Intention
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Have you ever visited a Target to stock up on groceries, only to leave with a new book and a sweater as well? Shoppers are certainly at their most likely to succumb to impulse purchasing when they enter a store with no plan. If you visit a Walmart with no idea of what you wish to leave the store with, there is a greater chance that you will overspend. Not to mention, the sheer number of offerings at such stores is designed to cause this phenomenon.

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If you embark on your next shopping excursion with a good idea of what you wish to accomplish, there will be less room for splurging! You can accomplish this by taking inventory of your belongings to determine what things you truly need, or by researching the store’s options ahead of time so you know what to expect. You can even buy yourself a gift card to your favorite store to ensure that you stay on budget the next time you decide to indulge!

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