Imagining Life With a Celebrity Roommate

jenniferlawrence2011filmindependentspiritsayhlqpym-ylIt’s been a few weeks into the semester, and while we at Valley hope you’re getting along with your roommate(s), there’s always those weird ones that don’t shower or the overly scholastic ones that stay up all night studying the history of life and never let you sleep. Sometimes, having to share a box-shaped dorm with another person, or even a two-bedroom apartment with your peers, just simply isn’t too much fun.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a celebrity roommate?

Whether you’re a party animal, a scholar, a fun-loving diva or just plain fabulous, here are your respective celebrity roommates that you can imagine living with instead. (But seriously, we do hope your roommates shower.)

Jennifer Lawrence

If you’re a fun-loving diva, you’d get along great with Jennifer Lawrence. Seriously, who’s funnier or more adorable than she is? At 22 years old, this beautiful starlet won an Oscar – yes an Oscar – for best actress in a leading role. At 22 years old, most of us will still be browsing the bars of Happy Valley and writing term papers, so we can appreciate all of the hard work J-Law has done thus far. Besides already being wildly successful, this girl is absolutely hysterical, quirky and made to be on Tumblr. From her falling-dress escapade, to her openly stalking celebrities, to her crude sense of humor, sharing a room with Jennifer Lawrence would be an adventure, and you could always tell her to hit up Bradley Cooper whenever.

Demi Lovato

If you’re looking for someone a bit more responsible, Demi Lovato’s a catch. There isn’t anyone on the planet that truly dislikes Ms. Demi Lovato and that’s because it’s impossible. At just 21 years old, the pop goddess has already gone through several emotional stages, coming back stronger from each one and serving as a beacon of hope and strength for people everywhere. Now, more into herself and in her career, Demi would make such a great roommate because she would keep your life in check. Never afraid to speak her mind, defend others, and act responsibility, Demi would be a good roommate for those who wish to not flunk out of school. Also, hearing her sing you to sleep would be the most pleasant lullaby ever.


Ready to be a party animal this year? Ke$ha would be your girl. The party doesn’t start until Ke$ha walks in, so pretty much every time she enters your room, loud music and hypnotic lights will spontaneously appear and life will become a never-ending party. Ke$ha would make a great roommate for someone that loves lots of glitter, makeup, expensive alcohol and bold colors. Sure, she probably wouldn’t be too great when you’re trying to get a few hours of sleep, but it may be worth it for the parties she would take you to.


There’s no further explanation for Beyonce. Come on, who wouldn’t want to share a place with Queen B? She’s classy, beautiful, and pretty much just all around flawless. She runs the world, and would probably just rock your world every day. Sure, there’s the whole married-with-a-baby thing that may get pretty distracting, and you might spend most of your time just taking selfies with Beyonce doing everyday household things in the background, but this would pretty much be the best situation ever.

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