If Disney Villains did Therapy-speak

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“You are allowed to feel that way,” and “your emotions are valid,” have left the therapist’s office and come into our language. Since therapy-speak has improved our lives so much, maybe it would also help some of our favorite Disney villains. If they were exposed to therapy-speak, maybe they too would’ve asked, “am I allowed to feel this way?” or “are my emotions valid?” Some of the best (or worst) Disney villains have picked up on it below and are putting in the work to become happier and healthier. Is it paying off?

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Poor, poor unfortunate soul. I know the struggle you have of feeling heard, but not listened to. I see you. I hear you… but no one will ever hear from you again!

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I have severe social anxiety, and I am easily triggered by any mentions of social gatherings and feeling uninvited. The last time someone did that to me, I unjustifiably lashed out and cursed a baby. Oops. I recognize that my wounds bleed onto other people. Hurt people hurt people.

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I am creating space for myself, taking up space in the universe, holding more space… for me. I am meant to be big, not small. I own up to everything I am and can be. I will not let anyone tear me down because I am completely confident and worthy of all the wins in my life. Rest easy, I will never love you as much as I love myself.

Cruella De Vil
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Darling, I am in full control of my life and my decisions. I know I come off crazy, egotistical, selfish, evil and an animal hater. I’m sorry you feel that way.

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I am simply projecting something I have not yet healed from onto my nephew. I need time to process my emotions, rather than pressing on the wound constantly. I tend to catastrophize issues and ruminate in the shadows, but bitterness is poison for the mind. So yes, I just need time to process… your body for my hyena’s dinner!

Mother Gothel
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I must admit, mother does not always know best. It’s just that the outside world is so toxic, I couldn’t let Rapunzel be exposed to that! Really, I’m working on myself because being a mother is hard. When Rapunzel accused me, I should not have lashed out further. Instead, I should’ve said, “it’s ok for you to express how you are feeling right now, but it’s not ok for me if you yell.” Gosh, I’m getting grey hairs.

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I shouldn’t say things I don’t mean. I also shouldn’t gaslight. But, I really think you’re too sensitive about all of this. I mean, the way you remember things that never happened. Sheesh — talk about overreacting. I’m sorry you think that I hurt you.


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