How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party

IMG_1981-2 Welcome to the how-to-guide on how to throw the perfect Halloween party for you and your friends. Below is a list of all the things you will need to get started!

Ingredients: a dash of spooky, a sprinkle of haunted and a whole lot of candy.

Dress Code: The great thing about throwing a Halloween party is that the dress code is an essential part of the party! Wearing a costume is all you and your guests need in order to avoid that awkward tension of not knowing what the “appropriate” attire for the occasion is. Plus, the crazier the costume the better, which allows everyone to feel more a part of the atmosphere. But remember, your guests aren’t the only ones that need to look the part…

Decorations: Along with dressing the part, you want to make sure that your house looks the part as well. A key reminder that you should note is to make sure that no part of the house gets left out. You may think this is weird, but think about it, the perfect haunted house always has something to look at–better yet, to be scared of. Whether it be a headless horseman door greeter or a hanging bat in the corner, when it comes to decorations, make sure to have each room filled with some that not only add to the theme but give it its own specific style. Don’t worry, you’ll have everybody so intrigued by the decorations that they may need a moment to take a break from the spookiness. If that is the case, then a good idea is to serve them yummy treats that will keep their energy up and going for the rest of the night.

Treats: A good party is not a party without yummy treats to keep your guests satisfied. Aside from the usual candy that always spoiled your teeth when you were little, step your game up and try something different! It’s hard to find treats that will be suitable for all your guests, so the best idea is to have a variety of them! Known treats such as mummified pigs in a blanket, candy-corn push up pops to even bloody alcoholic drinks (that will keep everyone 21 and over on their toes), are all good ideas to have displayed on your graveyard…oops I mean table. But what is a party with only treats and scary decorations to look at without any fun activities?

Games: As a host, it is your job to make sure that everyone is having a good time. Aside from the usual conversing and admiring everyone’s outfit, the best way to keep the party exciting is to include fun games. Fun activities such as a scavenger hunt, a mummy paper wrap contest or even a crystal ball game will grab a variety of your guests’ attention. This way everyone is staying busy and mingling.

If you follow these rules, you will have no trouble throwing the perfect Halloween party this year. And who knows, if everything goes right, maybe you can take on the Christmas party…

Photo by Kristen Robertson


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