How to Score Freebies on Campus

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Anyone who says that nothing in life is free has never visited Penn State. On any given day, there are free shirts, pens, food, magnets, and sunglasses to be found on campus. You just need to know where to look!

The easiest way to snag some swag is to just walk through the HUB. There are almost always student organizations giving out promotional items to students. The HUB also hosts many big events with free things and food, particularly around special times like Homecoming Week.

Another way to dig around for freebies is by checking your class’s Facebook page. People frequently post about events and giveaways sponsored by clubs, classes, or Penn State itself. To speed the post hunting, you can search “free” in the group and see what comes up!

If you live on campus in a dorm, you have even more opportunities to score freebies. Check in with your RA to see what the Residence Association has going on. East Halls, for example, frequently hosts free bingo and crafting nights. You also should read the papers in the bathroom stalls — they have useful information about free stuff!

Another group that’s constantly giving out awesome promotions is Athletics. Go to any sporting event and you’re bound to leave with a freebie or two. Volleyball gives every student a free shaker and hard hat at each game. Basketball has been known to give attendees a free dinner. At big games, students sometimes are given free t-shirts. See what our Penn State teams have going on, and check out what promotional events there are.

Counseling graduate student Rebecca Ferenci knows this well. She told Valley, “I got a free Penn State shirt and sub from Subway just for going to a basketball game.” As far as Valley is concerned, there’s nothing better than watching your school’s team kill it on the court while wearing a new shirt and chowing down on free food!

What do college students love more than free stuff? Probably nothing! Hopefully, this guide will help you get even more.