How to Create the Perfect Elastic-Free Messy Bun

Photo by Kate Perkins

Messy buns are wonderful things. They are the perfect combination of casual and functional. They make you look easy going, yet ready to work. Plus, they’re always coming in handy. Whether you’re keeping the hair out of your face while you study or sweeping it off your neck on a hot spring day, the messy bun will always have your back.

Unfortunately, pony tail holders are not as dependable, and bobby pins are flaky at best. So we found a way to secure the perfect messy bun without any help. This new ‘do can be pulled off in seconds with just the hair on your head.

Step 1

Gather your hair into a low ponytail.



 Step 2

Twist your ponytail into a tight bun.



Step 3

Loosen a section of hair from the side of your head without completely removing it from the bun. This will be what anchors the bun in place. The thicker the section, the sturdier the bun.



Step 4

Holding the bun in place with one hand, use your other hand to loop the loosened section over the bun like you would a ponytail holder, so that it wraps around the other side.



Step 5

Repeat last step with a section of hair from the other side of your head.



Step 6

You’re done!



That’s it. You have now mastered the elastic-free messy bun. (Hurray!)

Disclaimer: This style works best for people with medium to long hair. Shorter layers around the face make this technique a bit more challenging, but as long as you pull your anchor sections from a longer layer, the bun should hold. Do not rely on this messy bun to stay intact while performing vigorous activities such as jumping jacks or competitive bull riding.     

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