How to Achieve the Ultimate Spring Break

Photo by Alex Webster

Spring break is the one thing us college kids have to look forward to in the bleak, cold and rainy month of March, so it’s very important that we make the most of that time. Whether it is going home for some R&R, or jetting off to a tropical paradise, it’s essential that fun and affordability are a big part of the equation.

While destinations like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are very common for college co-eds, there are more unexpected gems than you think. A flight from Newark, New Jersey to Punta Cana is a whole two hours less than flying from Newark to Mexico, ensuring that you get at least two more hours catching rays and not getting a headache caused by TSA. Flights to Europe may automatically seem too expensive for just a 7-day trip, but if you are willing to search around you can find flights for less than $500 round-trip, making cities like London and Paris seem more obtainable.

Being college students means we are most likely on a pretty strict budget and do not have excessive funds to just go anywhere. One of the best ways to save money is to go to a resort that is all-inclusive, meaning your meals and drinks— sometimes even alcoholic drinks— are included in the price of the room.

“My friends and I found a Groupon for our Cancun trip,” says Emily Rickards, a junior at Penn State. She also advocates for, “checking to see what they have.” You never know what hidden deal you might find.

Splitting a room with more than just one person is also another good way to save some money, as long as no one snores too loudly. Also, do not be hesitant to capitalize on friend’s connections.

“For Spring break I am staying at my friends grandparents place in Florida,” says sophomore Sarah Pettoruto. “Her grandparents won’t be there and it saves money that I would’ve had to spend on a hotel.”

During your break, wherever you plan to go, don’t forget to be present and unplug yourself from your phone. Enjoy the people around you and make some memories. The fun times and laughter you share with your friends can never be captured in an Instagram post, and you never know what you’ll miss by looking down at your phone.

Wherever your break takes you, make sure to be safe and don’t forget to tweet @Valleymag to tell us what your favorite Spring Break destinations are!