How guy-friendly are your favorite trends?

Ask any guy the question, “How do I look?” and a pretty tame response is usually in order. However, we polled some guys, and it seems as though Penn State males have more of an opinion about our favorite fashion and beauty trends than we think.

Penn State guys on fashion:

“Some girls wear shirts that just look like sheets of cloth. They don’t really look like clothes to me.” — Matt Rivera, freshman

“I don’t get how girls can wear so little clothing when it’s so cold out. Short skirts or yoga pants don’t make sense in zero-degree weather.” — Matt Thorwart, junior

“Hipster glasses aren’t attractive. Actually, I don’t really like girls with glasses in general.” — Khai Le, second year Ph.D. student.

Penn State guys on beauty:

“I don’t know if anyone uses this anymore, but the colored eye stuff — eyeshadow? I just don’t understand eyeshadow. Sometimes girls tend to get really colorful with it and it just looks weird.” — Grant Vandebrake, junior

“Girls with feathers in their hair don’t make sense. I understand some of girls’ trends, but I don’t understand how a feather looks good, unless they’re trying to be Native American or something. I don’t feel more attracted to a girl if she has a feather in her hair.” — Michael Dufer, sophomore

“When it’s clear that there’s a whole layer of something on top of [girls’] skin, it reminds me of clowns.” — Wale Akinbiyi, senior

Photo by Ian Lopera

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