Ho-Ho-Holiday Playlist

Classes are winding down. The holidays are just around the corner (YAY!). You’ve been invited to at least 3 ugly-Christmas-sweater parties on Facebook. It’s time to lay down the books and pick up your ear buds — these songs are guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood.

*NSYNC – “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”
As millennials, nothing says (excuse me, sings) a good time quite like a boy-band throwback jam. “It’s a wonderful feeling, feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling.” With lyrics like that, how couldn’t this song pull you into the holiday mood?

Lady Gaga – “Christmas Tree”
Nothing these days seems complete without a dose of Gaga. True to Mother Monster’s signature naughty style, the song is loaded with innuendos. Definitely not parent-approved.

Jack’s Mannequin – “The Lights and Buzz”
On the track, while not a holiday song per se, Andrew McMahon sings of the therapeutic qualities of the season and home. A Christmas in the band’s Southern California hometown would definitely be paradise when compared to Happy Valley’s weather standards.

Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Christmas is You”
Our generation was raised on this song. A classic, childish theme of knowing exactly what you want for the holidays translated into something we can all empathize with (being in love!) — and a killer beat to boot.

Matisyahu – “Miracle”
Matisyahu’s modern-day version of a Hanukkah song speaks to more than just religion. His uplifting lyrics declare the power of faith and redemption, and makes this a song sure to fill your head with positive thinking and holiday cheer.

Bing Crosby – “Winter Wonderland”
No holiday season is complete without a Bing Crosby jingle. His recognizable and wholesome holiday music is adored by generations past and present.

Which songs would you add to the playlist? Tell us in the comments.

Photo by Ian Lopera

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