Here’s Where You Should be Running this Fall

Photo by Shannon Deuel

September has barely shown its face, yet our Valley staff is already thinking about fall (typical). Gone are the days of sweaty walks to class and unavoidable B.O. forming sheer seconds after stepping outside. In its place—absolutely perfect, crisp air.

As the weather finally cooperates with our outdoor workout needs, here is where you should be running this season around the Penn State area:

Bald Eagle State Park (30 minute drive)

With around seven trails ranging from easy to difficult, you can pick and choose the intensity level of your run or hike. Make sure to take in some some scenic views and hang with some wildlife (possibly a risky option) during your little excursion.

The Arboretum (walkable from campus)

After you’ve finished relishing in the beauty of this spot, hit the woods behind the Arboretum for some off-road running. This trail is short and a little difficult to see, but will eventually lead to a downhill road and another (flatter) trail in the open air.

Mount Nittany (15 minute drive)

A given—this spot is famous for its hiking trails, ranging from 30 minute routes to around two hours of your devoted time. (Be careful which you pick.) A more hike-oriented location, the mountain is breathtakingly beautiful and has THE view of our beloved campus.

Whipple Dam State Park (30 minute drive)

In the mood for a light and easy jog? Head over to Whipple Dam and adventure into the woods or circle around the lake a few times. Dip in to cool down afterwards.

Bonus: There’s a beach. Enough said.

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