Help Haiti, Get Caffeinated

 Are you someone who loves to learn about a culture different than your own? Love coffee?

Then tune in to what’s brewing at Webster’s Bookstore Café on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 5:30 p.m.—the Haitian Caffeination.

The event will feature an informative presentation on Haiti’s initiatives in sustainable business development (mainly coffee production), live music and dance performances by Penn State’s Club Kreyol and the Caribbean Student Association, all accompanied with delicious Haitian coffee. Admission is free and open to everyone.

Coffee is one of the primary exports of Haiti, according to Ronald Michel, the vice-president of Club Kreyol.

“Hopefully if they raise awareness about [the coffee businesses], some people will want to try [Haitian coffee] and if they like it, that can help people continue making more coffee,” Michel says. “State College is very diverse, so if a lot of people like it here then hopefully it can spread out a lot … and reach more people.”

Since its founding 5 years ago Club Kreyol has actively partnered up with many charitable organizations in State College, as well as student clubs, including the Dominican Student Association and Project Haiti. Club Kreyol’s missions include supporting communities in Haiti via donations, teaching students of
Haitian origin the Creole culture to “re-familiarize” them with their ancestral roots, as well as informing Penn State students and faculty about the current situations in Haiti.

Michel, a senior psychology major, hopes the dance performances and coffee will “get people to come and enjoy their time.”

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