He Said What?!

ZiyanSha.WhatGuysSayAs women, we are guilty of saying some annoying things. It is no question that our abbrev’s totes bother guys. So maybe our annoying cute little habits are more obvious and easy to detect, but this is not to say that guys don’t have them too. The annoying things that guys say are always laced with little implications (mostly, that we’re crazy). Here’s a roundup of the most irritating things guys say to us.

“Calm Down/Relax”

This is perhaps the most irritating and condescending utterance that can come from a guy’s lips. I’m sorry, am I ten years old? I don’t need to be patronized. This is many guys’ go-to line when they want a fight to be over, without apologizing. This puts all the blame on us, making it sound like we are over-emotional crazy people. We haven’t shown you crazy yet.

“Are you PMSing or something?”

As if guys know anything about the trials and tribulations of being a woman, they throw this line in to hint that we are being unreasonable and, once again, over emotional. Guys use this line because they know nothing about women, and have probably been told all their lives that PMS is the root of all evil. And by the way, if we are PMSing, we have grounds to be unreasonable. That’s all.


This end-all term (that usually comes in the form of a text message) is a little different from the first two. While the first two lines might genuinely stem from stupidity, this doesn’t. When boys say “k”, they know it is going to push our buttons… hard. This term makes them seem like they have no interest in what we’re saying to them. But boys, we’ve cracked the code. Saying “k” will always elicit a response. Always.

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