Halloween Make-Up: How to Make Your Costume the Best

Photo by Kim Hutchison

Leaves are falling, pumpkins and skeletons are out, and the grocery stores have huge candy displays set up. You know what that means— Halloween!! Now, you may be thinking, “Ugh, I have to think of a costume,” which is true, but your decision this year is very important. Are you going to put on a short skirt, heels and cat ears and call it a costume OR are you going to be something actually awesome? We vote awesome.

Photo by Kim Hutchison

Photo by Kim Hutchison

What defines an awesome costume you ask? It is a look that pretty much involves any special effects makeup. It may be a zombie,
a burn victim, a full-faced cheetah, a skeleton, the joker, etc. You have many other opportunities to wear a tight skirt during the year, but when do you have the chance to be one of these?

Some special effects makeup looks that you see may look very complicated, but the truth is a lot of the products that go into them are very basic. Four essential products to most sfx makeup looks are liquid latex, cotton balls, blood, and a palette of paints.

Liquid latex is so great because it has a crazy amount of versatility. It can be used to make cuts, burns, different skin textures, prosthetics and so much more. It is a white liquid that dries clear and can be built up with many layers depending on what you need to use it for.


Photo by Kim Hutchison

What makes liquid latex even better? Cotton balls. Cotton balls can be manipulated in so many ways with latex, which similarly gives them so much versatility. When doused with latex, they can be moved around to create more skin texture, wounds, and even teeth. They can even be used to cover up your entire mouth and create a new, creepy one like in the picture on the right.

Blood is a given for sfx makeup. It really put the finishing touch on a look. The best part is there are SO many different types of fake blood too. The types range from thick (scab) blood to very running vampire blood. You can also create you own with easy recipes that you can find online.

A palette of paints is important so that you can give a look dimension and color. Two kinds that are very good for sfx are alcohol-activated and water-activated paints. They stay dry in the palette until you either add water or alcohol to them. This helps the user choose how opaque they would like the color to show up.

If you cannot get your hands on these products or are not sure you could create a look on your own, do not worry because you can get it done right downtown here at Penn State! Viva Bella Salon on Fraser Street is offering special effects makeup for Halloween. Some examples of things you can get are the pictures you see in this article! They always do a great job and are taking appointments from now until Halloween.

So, the choice is yours: will you just throw on some cat ears or will you have an awesome costume this Halloween?