Halloween Costumes for the Guys

Halloween weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to have your costumes in order — and that goes for all you guys out there too. Half the fun of Halloween is dressing up, and, there’s a better chance of being noticed if you have a good costume. If you’re taking part in the traditional Halloweekend, you should have at least two costumes in your repertoire. The good news is that there are currently two Halloween costume stores in the area, Northland Center next to Giant Grocery Store and next to Panera Bread on South Allen Street, perfect for last minute shopping. Party City and WalMart are also great places to purchase some costumes or accessories.

What (Not) to Wear

There’s always the option to go the traditional route as a vampire or werewolf, but really isn’t that a bit boring? When girls were asked, “What costume do you most want to see guys wear?” the top answer, far and wide, was some form of an occupation.

When you’re searching through the aisles, try and look for a costume along the lines of a cop, fireman or construction worker. As scary as they can be, try to avoid dressing as political candidates. Politics are tricky—and currently not much better than a disaster—so even though they can be funny, be careful not to overly offend anyone (i.e. wear a creepy mask).

Bromance Couples Costumes

If you’re looking to do a costume with a friend you can always do pairs’ costumes like Mario & Luigi, Spongebob and Patrick, or Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Any sort of well-known duo will suffice, but don’t hesitate to expand to a group-themed costume. Group costumes work better if you’re all together, though, so if you choose to do one, make sure that you’re group plans to go out together for a good portion of the night, avoiding any awkward costume explanations.

College-Budget Costumes

Of course college students are lazy and on a budget so it might be easiest to work with what you’ve got in your closet and add on to it. Thinking of a good Halloween costume can be difficult, so Valley‘s here with some ideas to help you look sharp this Halloween!

The most obvious choices out of your closet are probably some variation on a football, basketball or baseball player. The only thing really required is a sports jersey and maybe the coordinating pants/shorts and socks. A Penn State football player is sure to be a hit. If you want to be clever, you can go as a dead Ohio State player. Another popular DIY costume is a superhero. Nearly anyone who wants to throw a last minute costume together has a superman shirt readily available to be worn. It’s a little outplayed, but always reliable. A nerd is also an easy costume to put together. A few key pieces of this costume are the glasses, suspenders and bow tie. If you own a flannel shirt, you can pass for a lumberjack. If you own anything with camouflage, you can pass for a soldier or a hunter. Due to their recent extreme popularity, there are sure to be Pokemon and Harambe costumes roaming around downtown State College.

Popular cartoon characters such as Charlie Brown, Minions or even Bob’s Burgers are great choices because they wear regular clothes for the most part and are easily recognizable. Otherwise you can draw inspiration from your favorite TV Show or movies that you watch on Netflix. Celebrities are also easy to do if you have the right clothes too.

The main idea taken away from asking girls which costumes they prefer to see guys in, is either a hot costume that makes you look good, or a goofy costume that makes you look funny. Those are really the most important ideas to keep in mind when choosing a costume. Remember to make your costume recognizable, even if you have to write it across your shirt to get your point across. Make sure to share your Halloweekend looks and tag @ValleyMag! Be safe and have a Happy Valloween!