Gun Violence Must End. Here’s How to Help.

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On Saturday Jan. 21, a Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park, California turned devastating when a gunman terrorized a local dance studio, leaving 11 people dead and many injured. Following the shooting, police chased down the suspect during a 12-hour manhunt in the surrounding areas. Police and SWAT team members finally found him in the white cargo van seen leaving the scene of the shooting, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This catastrophe has left Americans across the country feeling disturbed and heartbroken, leading many people to begin demanding change in this country’s dire situation.

Become an Advocate for Gun Control

We are in crisis today, possibly more than ever before. America is the only developed country on earth in which mass shootings are a regular occurrence. Turning on the television to discover yet another tragedy has occurred is simply becoming part of our daily routine. Due to a deep political divide, Americans are split on whether gun control laws should be enacted. But, if we want to give people a fighting chance, those laws are needed to make necessary changes happen.

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One of the most effective ways to make change is to vote people into office who will actually advocate for changes in gun law. This past November, the midterms saw record-high numbers for young adult voters. It was one of the highest turnouts for the youngest voting generation ever, with generation Z and millennials combined accounting for 40% of votes. Because of this, more advocates for gun control laws were voted into the Senate, promising that they will protect their people and fight for change. If this is any sign it is important to remember to continue to vote in every election and make sure we are putting the right people in office if you want real changes to occur.

Another way to become a change maker is by supporting organizations that are fighting for more gun control laws. Everytown, Sandy Hook Promise, and March For Our Lives are all examples of organizations that have played a pivotal role in enacting the gun control laws we do have. Everytown has information on their website debunking the myths about gun control laws being burdensome. Sandy Hook Promise has a page dedicated to all the ways civilians can take actions, from writing letters to the Senate to making a donation to the cause. March For Our Lives provides several ways to take action, such as being a participant in their marches. Last year, the marches held by this organization led to over 20 new state laws that curb gun violence. Be sure to check their website regularly to see when the next march is scheduled near you!

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Gun Violence Must End

Even though there are millions of Americans that want the right to bear arms freely, there are also millions of Americans who will not rest until we know that this country can sleep soundly without the fear of gun violence. There are millions who will continue to push back on second amendment supporters, and there are millions who will never stop fighting for justice. Change is happening: slowly but surely. People are working every single day to establish a culture of gun safety, and you can be part of that change by getting involved as an advocate today.



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