Guilty as Charged: Gucci Guilty

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Continuing Gucci’s sultry fragrance story, Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto were announced as the new faces of Gucci Guilty, Gucci’s newest fragrance. With Del Rey being known for her over-the-top glamour as a singer-songwriter, and Leto as an award-winning actor and frontman for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars,  the two will bring their “enigmatic, eclectic and glamorous” personas to Gucci’s latest fragrance video.

Although this is Lana Del Rey’s first Gucci campaign, her and Jared are no stranger to Gucci. At last year’s Met Gala, she was joined by Leto and Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele for the “Heavenly Bodies” theme. Lana’s look seemed to be inspired by the Virgin Mary and Jared channeled Jesus with their stunning custom Gucci outfits. Jared Leto is not new to Gucci’s advertisements either — he appeared in their steamy 2016 fragrance video, and after seeing his glamour and allure, it is no wonder he has been asked to return.

To kick off the new campaign, Gucci threw a party at Los Angeles’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery — a venue that holds a lot of meaning to Michele. After the death of singer Johnny Ramone, Michele attended an event at the cemetery in his honor, inspiring many of the designs for his spring 2017 collection. This cemetery will also be the setting for the upcoming Gucci Guilty project — Courtney Love, who has a brief cameo in the campaign video, documented the entire night on Gucci Beauty’s Instagram story.

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With all of the sultry glamour of Lana Del Rey and the charm of Jared Leto, they form the perfect match for this luxurious campaign. 10Magazine described the perfume itself as, “a floral confection of pepper, mandarin and amber notes, it’s the second installment to the light yet distinctively sexy scent.” The combination of such alluring people and a sophisticated fragrance are sure to make this project incredibly unique when it comes to advertising.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, Leto said, “It’s not your typical kind of fragrance campaign filled with one, you know beauty shot after another … It’s very cinematic. It’s very suggestive in terms of narrative and it touches on the surreal.”

Gucci continues to push boundaries and proves themselves of being one of the top luxury brands in existence. With creative direction from Michele and director Glen Luchford, the glamorous project is set to premiere worldwide on January 15.


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