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In need of a night in? VALLEY is here to help you romanticize staying back for a night. After being at school for a little over a month and with home games giving everyone a break, it’s time to do some self-care and catch up on sleep. Although the FOMO (fear of missing out) might be real, one night won’t be the end of your social life. So what makes something the perfect night in? Here is VALLEY’s guide.

Staying in means time to take care of yourself. Maybe you haven’t done a face mask in a while or read your favorite book. This is all about “you” time. Pick a night to stay in and get planning.

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Cleaning up after yourself can be tedious when all you want to do is go to bed. Take time out of your night to clean up your space. Go through your drawers, re-fold and tidy up. Do some laundry and deep clean your much-needed bathroom. Change those sheets and cuddle up in new fresh ones. Taking the time to do this can help clear your head and destress. It gives you confidence and a sense of self-achievement. This is a way to start your night by creating a clean cozy space.

“The Whole Routine”

Like we said, being a college student can be super busy. That means you might not be doing all the self-care you’d like on a daily basis. Use this extra time not at the bars to be taking care of yourself the way you want to. Take an extra long shower doing whatever your little heart desires. Do everything that you normally wouldn’t have time for to feel like the best version of yourself.


We all deserve a treat here and there so now is the time to make one. Baking gives you something to do — and to eat! Here is a simple and easy recipe we love that is sure to satisfy: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies by the famous TikTok chef Joshua Weissman.

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Read A Book

Sometimes it can feel like you have no time to read for enjoyment when caught up in homework and textbook readings. Take the time during this much-needed break from socializing and find a good book to read. Whether it is a book you started a while ago and haven’t gotten around to finishing, or a book you’ve been wanting to read, the satisfaction of reading something you enjoy can’t be beaten. VALLEY has endless book recommendations for your choosing.

Get Those Z’s…

The perks of staying back mean more time to catch up on your sleep and less time spending money on drinks. Take advantage of this by getting into bed early. Feel cozy in your freshly washed bedding, light a candle, watch a movie or do whatever helps you relax the most. Try your best not to mindlessly click through all the stories of your besties out. Instead, focus on all the good you did for yourself tonight.

Making the choice to stay in can be hard when your group might all be going out together. But once in a while — or more than once in awhil e— we all need to take a well-deserved break. Putting yourself first should always be your top priority!

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