Goodbye Summer Fling

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Many of us can say that we have that one summer fling we will never forget. You might have just been introduced to the concept of a summer fling or this is a previous occurrence for you.

VALLEY speaks from experience — no one prepares you for a summer fling. It doesn’t have the damage of a situationship or the commitment of a long-term relationship. It feels truly in the middle. No one is there to guide your heart from the August goodbye to the weeks and months after.

The end of a summer fling is difficult to navigate because no one knows exactly how to leave it off. You have the option to either try and make things work or go your separate ways. Deep down, though, you know it can’t work out.

You might feel a multitude of emotions because of this. You might feel resentment because one person did not want to pursue things further or you can’t shake the feeling of sadness because of the unknown of when you’ll see them again. You might even feel judged when you talk to your friends about your summer because you know that your fling wasn’t a “real relationship.”

But why do we feel so affected by the summer fling? It was supposed to be innocent, maybe some light flirting or a hook-up. Then, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. You realize that it was a two-way street, you finally found someone who understood you and saw you for who you were. There’s also no other feeling like the adrenaline because it might be the first time you’ve felt anything since your last relationship.

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Subconsciously, you know that there is a clock ticking. You’re able to show each other the best qualities of yourself with no fear or judgment because it just feels right. Despite all of the late-night conversations, you still have the lingering feeling that it wasn’t real. But that’s where you need to stop separating the fling from a relationship.

While it might have been short-lived, a relationship is a relationship. It was real and so are your feelings. While you can cherish the time you shared with this person, see this as a stepping stone towards finding the ideal person you want to be with. Reflect on what you brought to the table and how you can grow.

While it might not have been built to last, let this open a door to a new opportunity to embrace life and the other relationships you’ll have, remember that there is no timeline to healing. There is no calendar date of when you can look through your camera roll and accept the fact of short-lived love.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with short-lived love, it gives us the ability to show our unconditional feelings and let others see a part of us that others don’t. Let yourself cry, let yourself spiral, let yourself feel. Remind yourself that it is a beautiful thing to be human, to embrace these emotions of what short-lived love is. Let these emotions guide you to the possibility of what next summer could be.

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