Go Fringe Yourself

Photo by Kyle Naylor

Denim is the one trend that seems like it’ll never go out of style; and for good reason. It’s the ultimate closet staple. You can dress them up or down depending on where your schedule takes you that day. With each season, a newer, re-vamped version of denim gets placed in the spotlight. Right now, fringed hemlines are taking over. This unfinished hem gives your jeans a personality, elevating them from basic to fun and flirty. To help keep you on-trend and looking chic, Valley put together a DIY tutorial on how to fringe the hem of a pair of jeans you already own. Your bank accounts can thank us later! This look works on any wash, style, and type of denim, so grab a pair and start cutting! Keep scrolling to find out how to covet your own pair of this of-the-minute trend…


What To Know Before You Begin

-Please, please, please take your time (and actually measure) when cutting your jeans! Rushing through these steps could leave you with a pair that’s uneven and unwearable (*sobs*).

-OPTIONAL: sewing a hem at the top of the fringe after you cut the strips

What You’ll Need
  1. Pair of jeans
  2. Seam ripper
  3. Chalk
  4. Measuring tape or ruler
  5. Scissors


What You’ll Do
  1. Lay out your jeans evenly on a flat surface
  2. Cut off the hemline of the jeans with a pair of scissors
  3. Take a seam ripper and start cutting the side seams of your jeans about 3-4 inches long
  4. Use the chalk to sketch a straight line marking where you’ll stop cutting the strips
  5. Starting at the bottom, cut ½ wide sections up to the chalked line
  6. Throw jeans in the washer and then follow up with a dryer cycle
  7. Iron the fringed pieces
  8. Cut off any extra strings or edges
  9. Celebrate! You now have a pair of new jeans for free.


Wear your fringed denim with a white pair of sneakers for some serious street style or rock them with a pair of pumps for your next girls’ night out! Whichever way you want to show them off, make sure you wear them with confidence because, hello, you’re practically the queen of DIY now. And make sure to tag @ValleyMag to show off your new style!