Go Ahead… Celebrate the Holidays Early!

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As a nation, Americans have had quite the year. Coronavirus, tragic news and most recently, a stressful and drawn-out election. As the election nears its end, and we can only stay hopeful for a healthier future. However some feel overwhelmed. With Thanksgiving coming up, lots of people have this unspoken “rule” that you can only begin to celebrate the holidays after the turkey and stuffing. We say break those rules.

On Nov. 1, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted,

and she couldn’t be more correct!

Holidays and all the joy that this time of year brings, can be stress relieving and a great way to relax during unprecedented times. Whether you love Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s — there are many ways you can celebrate early. If you want to go full out during the middle of November, do what fuels your flame.

Relax and Snuggle up to a Holiday Movie
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Luckily, Hulu and Netflix allow you to watch your favorite holiday films year-round! Whether you like horror, comedy or even cheesy Hallmark films, there are holiday movies for everyone!

After a long day of Zoom classes or working, take some time for yourself to unwind by grabbing your favorite snack and cuddling up with a friend, dog or by yourself to indulge in a winter classic.

Try Out New Wintery Foods

Comfort food is quite literally meant to comfort you. Winter foods and drinks, feature flavors of peppermint, cranberry, apple, pumpkin spice, dark chocolate and more! Here are some delicious foods that you can make or buy to get into the festive spirit.

Order from the Starbucks holiday menu! Thankfully, Starbucks was longing for the holidays to come early too. With drink classics like the Peppermint Mocha and the Eggnog Latte, you can order a cup of liquid joy ASAP!

Bake Cookies! Whether you choose to start from scratch or buy dough from the store, cookies are great for cooler winter nights. Looking for a recipe to make? Look here to sift through 60 different holiday cookie recipes to make for a cozy night in.

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Unleash Your Inner Chef. Throwing pre-made cookie dough into an oven doesn’t take that much effort, but some of us like a challenge in the kitchen. If you like learning new recipes and spending time cheffing it up, who’s to say that you can’t have Thanksgiving-style dinners more than once! Check out this gallery for some delicious, family-sized meals to make during break or when cooking for your roommates!

Bring the Holiday Joy to Your Room

Decorating your space, especially when our rooms have become multifunctional with online classes, can put you in a holiday mood. Even if it’s just a festive knit blanket, fairy lights or even some fake garlands draped over your furniture, decorating your space early will make the holidays last much longer. If you are looking for some inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to draw from!

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Holiday Music

Online school is tough, and working by yourself on assignments can be extremely hard to focus on. Try turning on festive music to compliment your studies to give you a nice warm ambiance. Check out this Christmas jazz playlist that is awesome for working on canvas assignments.

Spotify is great if you aren’t big into creating your own playlists. They have various options for wintery music that you can listen to on your drive to work or just relaxing in your apartment. If you are an avid gym-goer, try incorporating some holiday cheer into your workout routine!

Whichever holiday you want to celebrate early (or late), go for it. Just as face masks and a fresh manicure can be self-care, so is enjoying your favorite activities from holidays you adore! With how stressful and overwhelming the world can feel, it’s never too early to start celebrating the things you love.

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